Published on 12/29/2017 12:29 pm
The thread gauges though small have great responsibilities


Everyone in the world would have used a screw at some point in his or her lives. They might have felt the need to tighten the screws in some appliance or the other. You might have even fixed a tap or a broken pipe if you have the requisite knowledge. This might have been child’s play for you. However, have you ever wondered as to how much effort goes into determining the tolerance level of the screw or the pipe? The chances are that you might not know this fact. Every screw or nut has to go through a process where the industry tests the tolerance level using implements known as thread gauges.

The different kind of thread gauges:

Depending on the type of machinery and screws you use, you have different types of thread gauges like NPT thread gauge, ACME thread gauge,  

You can find different kinds of thread gauges. You would require the thread ring gauges to check the tolerance level of the implements that have the threads on the exterior. There are many implements having the threads on the interiors as well. These implements are certain kinds of pipes and taps. You have to use the thread plug gauges for the purpose.

The Go and the No Go kind of thread gauges have utility under the circumstances. The implement is a special kind of implement. The instruments such as the screws having their threads on the exterior have to go through the Go kind of the thread ring gauge. At the same time, they do not go through the No Go kind of the ring gauge.

The implements such as the pipes and the taps have the threads on the insides. The thread plug gauges come in the form of the Go and the No Go type as well. The difference here is that the Go side of the plug gauges has to go through the threads and the No Go side should not. This would determine the tolerance levels of these implements.

The pipes, in particular, have special kinds of threads known as the NPT threads. These pipes carry liquids and hence you have to use lubricants or tape to prevent the leakages. Certain pipes carry inflammable materials and gasses. Such pipes cannot afford to have leaks at the joints. Hence, they use the stronger kind of dry glue. Such threads have the name, NPTF.

Everyone knows the advantages of using the thread gauges for determining the tolerance factor. There are certain drawbacks as well. It would be in the fitness of things if you had an idea about the same as well.

The greatest drawback is that it can point out whether an implement is good or not. However, it cannot point out the area that requires adjustments. The second drawback is that they take time for the machines to set up. However, once you set up the machines, you do not require much expertise to handle the machine.

Final words:

Everyone knows the importance of the screws and pipes. They also know now the importance of determining the tolerance levels. The thread gauges may seem to be small implements nut they have high levels of responsibility.

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